September 28


Listen To Your Mother

Listen To Your Mother, She Knows What She’s Talking About.

Remember when you were a kid rushing out the door and your mother’s voice would float through the air encouraging you: “Take a jacket; it’s going to be cold outside.” Maybe you paused for a second to consider her suggestion or, like most of us, without skipping a beat; you went on your merry way only to be cold later. Of course you never admitted that once again your mother was right!

When it comes to living a long, healthy, vibrant life three pieces of mom’s advice are continually supported by science, not just her uncanny intuition:

Number 1 – Eat your vegetables! Yes, it is really that simple. Although mom may not have had a degree in nutrition, she instinctively knew vegetables are a secret health weapon. Add a variety of vegetables that are rich in color to every meal. Spice up those boring scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach and salsa. At lunchtime, ditch the bread and wrap your grilled chicken and veggies in a dark green lettuce leaf. Dinner is a great time to try a vegetable you have been shying away from. Roasting Brussels Sprouts brings out their natural sweetness and tames the bitter cabbage flavor. Snacking on celery filled with peanut butter satisfies the desire for “crunch” while providing fiber and protein to keep you full until the next meal.

Number 2 – “Turn off that darn machine.” The old adage “move it or lose” is true. It doesn’t take long to lose muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. Physical prowess is not the only thing sacrificed by being a couch potato – your emotional wellbeing and brain health will also be challenged. After dinner, go for a walk around the block. Ride your bike to the store. If you must watch Dancing with the Stars get up and test your moves.

Number 3- Learn something new. Studies have shown one of the key components to maintaining brain health is to learn a new skill. Planning a trip abroad? Learn the native language, what better way is there to find the best local sites? Have you been thinking about picking up some knitting needles? Many charities appreciate knitted blankets and caps for newborns in need? Want to make mom really proud? Fulfill all three of her favorite suggestions by planting a vegetable garden, learn about soil and sunlight, and maintain rows of proliferating vines then sit down to a meal of freshly grown vegetables.

This Mother’s Day before you rush out the door to brunch or the kid’s soccer game, take a moment and connect with mom, maybe say thanks for her wisdom, and don’t forget your sweater.  Listen to your mother, you may be suprised. 

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