September 28


You want fabulous hair, skin and strong nails? You can have them!

Admit it, you want to look your best but sometimes no matter what you do you’re just not happy when you look in the mirror. Let’s put away the pretense of not being shallow and get to work on looking good.

You’re after strong nails that won’t split and flake with the slightest bump. Thick, radiant hair and luminous skin round out the picture. But how do you make this happen?

First you owe it to yourself to read the labels on the products you are using. Can you pronounce the ingredients without having a master’s degree in chemistry? Find a knowledgeable professional who uses high quality ingredients that don’t create more of a toxic load to stress your system.

About that toxic load: why isn’t your body able to eliminate it without your hair, skin and nails suffering? Innately all your body was created to do was survive, so it will prioritize which organs get fed first in order to achieve that goal. Highest on the priority list are you brain and heart. Guess what is at the bottom? That’s right, your hair, skin and nails; these will be robbed of nutrients for more essential body functions.

Your skin, the largest external elimination organ of the body is susceptible to a barrage of invaders, from free radical damage to oxidative stress, your skin doesn’t stand a chance if it’s not given the proper support. Free radical damage can be reduced by eliminating smoking, excess sugar and chemicals found in processed foods. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, including berries, dark leafy greens, bell peppers and more will help protect against oxidative stress.

imagesYour liver is your largest internal elimination organ, and as you may have guessed it works hand in hand with your skin. Don’t believe it? Try this experiment: cut an onion then massage the exposed portion into the bottom of your foot, wait a few minutes then see what you taste in your mouth. What you put on your body affects what happens in your body!  Treat you liver kindly with cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli and your skin and hair will thank you.

Healthy protein from whole eggs, free range and cage free animal sources are also essential to health inside and out. Healthy oils like coconut and olive will feed your brain and hair, skin and nails. You can also find healthy oils in avocados and raw nuts. You have probably been told these foods are high in calories, and that is true but they are also high in essential nutrients. Besides, if you are counting calories you are probably eating the wrong ones.

Try these tips for a few weeks and see if it helps. If you continue to have skin issues or if you want to have a more in depth evaluation please feel free to call the office at 610-435-1777.


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