Chronic conditions almost always have a metabolic breakdown, a breakdown in how your food is digested and sent around the body to give it the necessary energy to function properly; a neurologic breakdown, a breakdown in the exchange of messages between your brain and nervous system; or a combination of both – a“neurometabolic” breakdown. Functional Neurology is a system used at Kirshner Health Solutions to evaluate and address chronic conditions. The extensive training a Functional Neurologist, like Dr. Kirshner has undertaken enables him/her to evaluate both the obvious and subtle signs and symptoms of a failure in your nervous system and the ability to develop a noninvasive, drug free plan to improve your overall health.

What is the difference between a Medical Neurologist and a Functional Neurologist? If you think of a Medical Neurologist as a neuro-pathologist the distinction will be easy to understand. They look for diseases of the nervous system that cause tissue destruction and are usually visible through imaging studies; conditions like strokes, tumors or Multiple Sclerosis. Conversely, a Functional Neurologist is more like a computer repair person. If you crack your computer screen the necessary repair is obvious; however, error messages take a bit of detective work as they are functional misfiring’s within the system software. Thorough examination and testing of the system is the only way to get to the root of the problem. In your body a Functional Neurologist will test your brain function, brain stem integration, the responsiveness of nerves, and how well they communicate with your body systems and respond to metabolism. Only then will an appropriate, individualized treatment plan be developed and initiated.