Meet The Staff

Lisa Kirshner 

Lisa Kirshner, a busy wife and mother of 3, noticed changes in her health that were slowing her down. Nothing made sense, after all she was conscientious about food and fitness and did all the “right things.” It was not until she started following the wellness plan at work that she noticed a drastic improvement in her health.

“Living the lifestyle that I guide patients through gives me an understanding of the challenges and benefits they will experience. Until you heal and feel great you don’t fully appreciate how lucky you were to have been able to change the course of your life.”

She is proud to be part of a team that provides life changing care to patients.


Jennifer  grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania.  She has traveled  the United States extensively,  attended the University of New Mexico and graduated with a BA in medical sociology from Temple University.  In addition, Jennifer attended the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico and completed a course in Ayurvedic studies.  She has been studying Ayurveda, yoga and yogic philosophy for many years and incorporates it into her daily life.  Jennifer’s compassionate nature led her to work in healthcare for many years as an EMT and nurse technician.  Additionally, she has been employed on many farms and ranches, including a Hippotherapy center in New Mexico, in which she worked as a horse handler/trainer and occupational therapy assistant.  Jennifer works with horses and teaches yoga to equestrians. Her philosophy of horsemanship regards horses as partners and spiritual teachers.                                              

She has also assisted many horses in recovery  from physical and emotional traumas. Sustainable farming practices and the cultivation of vital food and medicine is dear to her heart. She has had the privilege of working on numerous organic farms.  Jennifer has two dogs and two horses. She enjoys animals, nature, farming, reading, traveling, dancing, cooking and eating. 


Francesca is one of our newest staff members. Growing up in Boston has made her a “BIG” New England Patriots fan, but we don’t hold that against her. Francesca holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, and worked in that field for 7 years before deciding a career change was in order. She is currently enrolled in computer classes at Northampton Community College to strengthen her knowledge in office administration. Francesca’s easy going, patient manner and friendly smile have made her a true asset to Kirshner Health Solutions.


Please welcome Dana to the staff of Kirshner Health Solutions. A 2006 graduate of Whitehall High School, boundless energy best describes Dana. She is a recent graduate of Cedar Crest College where she earned her degree in Nutrition, with a minor in Spanish. Her love of helping people and her passion for living a healthy lifestyle extend to every aspect of her life.

See Francesca and Dana, along with Dr. Kirshner, in their newest video “Ode to Ellen.”