Suffering With Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy, one of the most commonly occurring chronic conditions, is most often found in patients with metabolic imbalances. These metabolic imbalance can be  from diabetes, anemia,  inflammation  B12 or folic acid deficiency, food sensitivities just to name a few.  Peripheral Neuropathy may also be caused by your body’s inability to efficiently circulate oxygen or, your cellular health may be compromised. The simplest form  may come from a misaligned vertebrae putting pressure on a nerve causing numbness and tingling.  The trick to overcoming this debilitating condition is to find the underlying cause. You must find the cause to find the cure.

 What is causing your neuropathy?

The 12 most common signs of  Peripheral Neuropathy are:

  • Numb feet or hands
  • Burning or tingling feet or hands
  • Cramping
  • Sharp Electric Pain
  • Pain When Walking
  • Difficulty Sleeping from Leg Discomfort
  • Prickling / Tingling Sensations
  • Aching
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Loss of Balance
  • Symptoms Traveling up the Legs Over Time
  • Pain is Worst at Night

To find out why you are suffering with peripheral neuropathy a complete neurological examination and metabolic screening must be completed.

During this evaluation Dr. Kirshner will check eye movements, strength, balance and reflexes. He will evaluate your oxygen uptake and check for metabolic imbalances.

Additional blood tests may be ordered to complete your diagnostic picture. These will include tests for autoimmune conditions – conditions in your body where antibodies are produced to destroy your own body tissue including the outer layer of the peripheral nerves and the nerves them self.

Treatments Used

Before reading over the treatments we use, I want you to keep in mind a few things.

Treating neuropathy is like baking a cake.  You can use sugar, flour, butter and eggs but depending on how each ingredient is used the results will be different-sometimes disastrous and sometimes exactly as you wished.

The reason our program has the highest probability of success is the manner in which each of the therapies are used.

The exact proprietary manner in which we combine them has lead to the extraordinary results. 


  • Anodyne to increase blood flow
  • Rebuilder-To reeducate nerves
  • Hakomed-Horizontal therapy to stimulate both nerve and chemical changes in nerves
  • chemical changes in nerves
  • Personalized Nutritional Support based on your specific needs
  • Our unique nerve restoration therapy developed over 30 years in practice.
Peripheral Neuropathy Success 

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