When looked at as a problem with a cause and its effects a different approach to care can be taken. Although Fibromyalgia can be a complicated condition, this approach actually simplifies your care and healing. There are 3 identifiable causes of Fibromyalgia; the complication is identifying the 1 or ones that apply to you.
  1. Structural Abnormalities: The easiest way to demonstrate this is to take a finger and twist it a bit. This will cause pain (and a structural abnormality) so don’t twist too hard. How many pain killers will you need to take to fix this problem? If you answered it will never get better with this “treatment” you are right. If your solution to remove the pain was to untwist the finger and fix the abnormality you have an understanding of the necessity to repair the problem instead of masking it. A complete structural analysis is needed to evaluate your particular problem.
  2. Neurologic Imbalances: All of your muscles are controlled by your brain. All postural or back muscles are controlled by a specific part of the brain called your cerebellum. When one side of your brain is working faster or slower than the other side postural abnormalities and musculoskeletal pain can occur. If this is happening to you, the question I will ask again is “how many drugs do you need to take to fix this problem?” The answer is drugs will not fix the problem but they may mask the pain. A Functional Neurologist is trained to correct imbalances of the cerebellum, relieving pain.
  3. Metabolic Deficiencies: Your body is like your car, a delicate machine made up of a network of wires and tubes that feed the engine. No part can function well without the other nor will the entire machine work if it is not fueled properly. The processing of fuel in your body is called Metabolism. Your machine will not run if it is not given any fuel, it will run poorly given the wrong fuel. Your Fibromyalgia symptoms; fatigue, digestive problems, all over pain, and ringing in the ears may all be caused by a metabolic breakdown.