Spinal Decompression

You have low back pain and have been diagnosed with sciatica, disc degeneration, disc bulges, herniation or maybe even facet syndrome. If you have one of these things the name no longer seems to matter, what does matter is you are in constant pain that is interfering with your life and need to find a way to make it stop. Surgery is invasive, risky and holds no guarantees. You know drugs only mask the pain and don’t fix the problem.

A noninvasive, non-surgical, drug free therapy, Spinal Decompression is a computer controlled mechanical traction unit that is programmed for individual patients based on their diagnosis and spinal tolerance.

During treatment patients lie on the traction unit’s bed. Padded straps are secured around the lower chest and waist and connected to the decompression unit. During a session, which lasts about 20 minutes the decompression unit will put negative pressure on each disc alleviating pain and pressure associated with compressed discs. A compressed disc is one which has moved from its place in the spinal column and is putting pressure on the surrounding nerves causing the pain and pressure you are experiencing.

A follow up study on the outcomes of decompression therapy found that 71% of patients showed more than a 50% reduction in pain immediately after treatment and 86% showed a 50% or better pain reduction at four years. After 4 years, 52% of respondents reported a pain level of zero (Anesthesiology News, March 2003).

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