You are fatigued, you are not able to maintain your weight, your stomach is acting up, your hair and nails are thinning, you may have lost your sex drive and your list of symptoms may not end there.

The conclusion is a textbook “Thyroid” diagnosis. You are on meds, you change the dosage, you are still having symptoms, and you are frustrated and confused. Why is this happening?

Because the treatment plan you experienced was focused on what you have not why you have it. You have been treated as though your symptoms were your primary problem. But the symptoms didn’t create themselves, they were caused by something else and the likelihood of it being your thyroid is very small.

85-90% of Primary Thyroid Conditions are from a disease called Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune condition, or a disease of your immune system. The thyroid is an organ, not part of your immune system. Statistics show you are more than likely suffering from Autoimmune Thyroiditis whose symptoms can mimic those of a true primary thyroid condition.

Meaning you must treat your Immune System. An accurate metabolic assessment along with the correct lab and functional tests must be done to determine the areas of your body where breakdowns are occurring. In addition to the symptoms listed above, it is not uncommon to for patients to have Anemia, Intestinal Distress, Toxicity Issues, and Systemic Inflammation.