Weight Loss Program

Reset your metabolism naturally with our metabolic weight loss program. We can help you lose 20-60 lbs. of unwanted fat in just 60 days – without excessive exercise, expensive meal plans or starvation.

What is Our Metabolic Weight Loss Program?

Doctor Developed Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

Looking to lessen the stress on your joints, improve mobility, or just improve overall health? Whatever your reasons and goals for losing weight, Valley Weight Loss is here to help. Our weight loss program can help you lose 20-60 lbs. of unwanted fat in just 60 days – without excessive exercise, expensive meal plans or starvation.¹ The weight loss program offered at Valley Weight Loss doesn’t rely on medication or an HCG product. Instead, we address the metabolism and reset it to create a healthy environment for your body to thrive. Regardless of age, gender or lifestyle, this doctor-developed metabolic weight loss program is here to help you reach your weight loss goals. If you’re ready to make the steps toward shedding that excess weight, contact Valley Weight Loss today for a free consultation!

How Are Program Works

Step 1

Book a Free Consultation

Once you have signed up for the Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program, one of our Health Coaches  will sit down with you and explain how to follow your plan. They will work with you on how to integrate your plan with your day-to-day lifestyle, introduce the proper foods to you, give you tips and tricks for success, and be there to answer any questions you might have.

Step 2

Proprietary Supplements

We use a series of proprietary products over the course of your prescribed program, to RESET YOUR METABOLISM. These products are safe and natural and have not shown to cause any side effects.

Step 3

Frequent Check-ins

Each day/week you can look forward to seeing how your body looks and feels both on the scale and in the mirror. You’ll be inspired by your weekly losses. One of our team members will review your results, review your food journal, and educate you on nutrition and lifestyle choices as needed. We want this to be the last weight loss program you ever participate in and we do everything we can to help you stay on target!

Why Our Program Works!

Healthy Meal Plan

We work with you to design a meal plan you can live with. No starvation. No hunger. No prepackaged food. Our food protocol formula includes lean proteins, specific vegetables and fruits. Everything can be found at your grocery store and we’ll teach you how to shop and to prepare your food in a nourishing way.

Proprietary Nutraceuticals

Using a series of proprietary products, our weight loss program resets your metabolism. We only use products proven to be safe, natural and not cause any adverse side effects

Reduce Inflammation

Healthy and sustainable weight loss isn’t just about calories in vs. calories out. A healthy metabolism requires low inflammation, allowing cells to “hear” hormones naturally produced by your body that naturally regulate and direct your system.

Continued Support

Sustainable changes happen with the help of a coach and healthy support system. Frequent check-ins at Valley Weight Loss Center keep you motivated and on track to achieving your weight loss goals.

Pat down 57 pounds & 12 inches overall! Listen to her testimony posted to the right.

Bonnie is down just under 70 pounds and 34.5 inches overall!

Lori is down 32 pounds and 18 inches overall!

Tina down 51 pounds and 30 inches overall!

Victoria down 47 pounds and 15 inches overall!

Colleen down 24 pounds and her medical doctor took her off Duloxetine & Meloxicam! She also no longer relies on Advil for pain!

Jeffrey (pictured left) walked into our office with 7 bulging discs in his spine, needing surgery to repair a ruptured disc in his neck. He was Pre-Diabetic and on Metformin, is A1C was at a 7. After being on the weight loss program offered through Valley Weight Loss Center, Jeffrey lost 57.3 pounds and 11.5 inches. Jeffrey does not have bulging discs in his spine anymore and he no longer needs surgery! He is not pre-diabetic anymore, his A1C is now a 5, and his medical doctor took him off Metformin! Jeffrey also does not rely on a cane to walk.

Don explains his success with our Valley Weight Loss Center weight loss program offered through Kirshner Health Solutions. Read his written testimony below: "Hi, I'm Don from Belvidere, NJ. Both my wife Cindy and I are in our 60's. As we have gotten older and our energy levels have declined it has become more and more difficult to keep the weight off. When I began Dr. Kirshner's weight loss program, I weighed more than I ever have. I was diabetic and had high blood pressure. In four months, my wife and I have each lost close to 50 pounds each. My doctors have taken me off my blood pressure medicine and I am no longer diabetic. I now can work in my yard without getting winded and more importantly can play ball or just horse around with the grandkids. Dr. Kirshner and his wonderful staff are available 24/7 to answer questions or to provide any information you may need. I strongly suggest you give this program a try. Thank you Dr. Kirshner and staff."

 "Uncle Jerry" from Cat Country 96 radio talks about how lost 30 pounds in just 3 weeks through our weight loss program!                                                                                                                Listen below!


What's Different About KHS Weight Loss?

What makes KHS Weight Loss different is that we address the metabolism by resetting it and not speeding it up as do most other programs. Our main focus is to create a healthy environment in the body for your cells to thrive, thereby “hearing” the hormones your body naturally.

How is this accomplished?

We teach you how and what “real” food to eat without counting calories or points. In addition, we use specific neutraceuticals over a short period of time to assist the body in resetting your metabolism.

Do I have to come into the office for the initial consultation?

Yes, we ask that you come in for the initial consultation so we can meet you and learn more about you, your health goals. If you live several hours from our office, we can make the exception and do a FREE phone consult. To schedule your in office consult, please call 610-435-1777!

Do I have to come into the office every week?

No. We have developed a platform that allows you to successfully complete the program from the comfort of your home. Our Health Coaches are available to you for your check ins via phone or Zoom to support and guide you through the program designed for you.

How much is the program and do you have payment plans?

We are not able to provide costs without knowing more about you, your health and weight loss goals. That is why we offer a FREE, no obligation consult to learn more about you and what plan would best suit you. Yes, we do offer affordable payment plans.

Do I have to exercise?

No, you don’t need to exercise regularly to lose weight on our Weight Loss program.

Do I have to count calories?

No, our program liberates you from ever having to count points or calories.

Do you prescribe medications or HCG?

No, we don’t use medications or exogenous hormones such as HCG. We use safe, natural products to predictably help people to reset their metabolism.

Will I be able to eat out and socialize?

Yes, absolutely. We teach you how easy it is to be successful while on the program and after you have completed your program.

How much weight do you want to lose